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This website is run by Mitra Kokusai (MK) to inform and introduce the company’s activities. The use of this website is subject to the terms of use listed below.

1. Copyright

All the content (text, graphics, illustrations, photos etc) are the property of Company or its licensors. The copying, reproduction, modification, or transmitting of the content is strictly prohibited and may violate copyright/patent rights/trademark rights laws.

2. Disclaimer

There has been careful investigations and confirmations in making the contents of the site, but we do not guarantee the subject of information on the site. Thus the company has no liability for any damages or losses caused directly or indirectly by using this site.

3. Modification/Discontinuation

Please be aware that the content of the site may be modified without notice to you, and the site may be discontinued, temporary or permanently.

Personal information security policy

General policy

Mitra Kokusai(MK) manage the name, email address, telephone number, inquiry details, and other personal information of users of this Website (http://www.mitra-kokusai.com/) (hereafter referred to as user) according to the following.

When acquiring contact and other personal information, MK informs the user of the reason for acquiring the information and how it will be used and manages it within a scope appropriate to maintaining its security. In addition, MK is aware of the risk of improper access, loss, destruction, falsification, disclosure, and other misuse of personal information and therefore strictly observes personal information laws and limitations and makes every effort to ensure the security of user personal information.
1. Respect for individual rights

We disclose, correct, or delete personal information when requested to do so.
2. Acquiring and using personal information

When acquiring and using personal information, MK discloses the purpose to and obtains the consent of the user.
3. To ensure the proper handling of user personal information, MHS restricts its use to the following.

As a source of information on how to make the MK site easier to use and navigate.
To ensure that information presented on the Website is accurate.
When necessary, in order to contact the user.
In order to perform marketing surveys about usage conditions and environment.

In order to meet the above objectives, MK will sometimes make use of cookies to collect information. A cookie is transmitted to a computer hard drive by a web server, where it saves small amounts of data collected from the web browser.
While the data collected by a cookie does not include email addresses or other user personal information, it will identify the particular telecommunications device, such as a computer, that the user uses to access the Website when the user has provided MK with personal information.
A cookie, however, cannot collect hard drive data, email addresses, and other specific user personal information.
A user can set a browser to inform him when it is accepting a cookie and can set the browser to refuse cookies.

4.Ensuring personal information security

In order to prevent the loss, leak, falsification, and other improper use of personal information, MK has security measures and a control system in place and also trains staff in the proper handling of personal information.
5. MK never provides or discloses personal information to third parties unless the user gives consent.
6. MK may change the content of this Privacy Policy in order to better safeguard user personal information or to comply with changes in privacy laws or other relevant rules pertaining to personal information.


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